Be Healthy and Vibrant by Choosing the Best Drinking Water Filter System

In today’s rush to provide the consumer with water systems there are many different types of systems to choose.  The idea is not to choose the brand but to choose which kind of filtrations system matches your needs. 

Let’s talk about  filter water systems for the home.  One of the popular water filtration idea is placing the water filteron a picture or carafe.  This is ideal for a portable filter.  You can enjoy relatively clean water on the go such as camping or traveling. This is by no means suitable for in home drinking filter system.

A home system should be easy to install provide clean contaminant free, mineral rich water. This is where the consumer can get easily confused.

The home filter system usually can attach to a faucet and set on the counter top. The real question is which system is healthy for water consumption.  Clean filters systems come in two popular highly marketed filters.

The first system is called reverse osmosis filter.  This does take out most of the water pollutants but not all.  In fact some contaminations stay into the water. And yes reverse osmosis filter systems are certified.  But they are certified to perform exactly as the company advertises.  However this certification is not claiming that they are suitable for drinking water. The second system uses activated coal as part of the process to provide clean, mineral rich healthy water.  The system is preferable because and the cost can be lower as it compares to reverse osmosis. 

The activated coal filter is an organic filter.  Therefore, it provides a natural water filtration.  It also leaves minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium just to name a few these minerals are critical for our overall health.

By contrast mineral free water does not benefit your health and in fact may jeopardize your health.  Since water transports minerals in the body it is safe to conclude drinking water with mineral content is healthy.

Three filter systems we discussed here are the portable, carafe type filter, reverse osmosis and activated coal systems.  All these systems can be installed and sit on the counter top.

The portable water system provides a simple solution to have clean water on the go.  The reverse osmosis system is not a solution for drinking water.  The coal activated filter system is an ideal solution for clean and healthy water.

The best filter system for you is what you feel will meet your needs.  You have just scratched the surface on which filter system is best for you.  You can continue research armed with this basic knowledge of what water systems is best for you.

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