Choose Your Decor Items Wisely

It is indeed a thrilling exercise to shop for the right types of curios and ornamental/decorative pieces to beautify your home. However, just picking up anything and everything that captures your fancy, may lead to unhappy, or even disastrous, outcomes. Some items are inauspicious and will destroy the harmony in your domestic arena. Therefore, ponder carefully before you purchase your home decor items.

Stay away from Thorns

Yes, thorny plants, especially the cacti, look royally beautiful. However, Vastu shastra does not agree with your sentiments. They are akin to thorny obstacles in the pathway of domestic harmony. Apart from destroying the positive mindset within the household, they can also cause ill health. Do not keep such plants within (verandah) or outside (garden) your home.

Avoid Grave Memorials

True, even a replica of the Taj Mahal is glorious to behold. However, do not mistake it for a symbol of love. In reality, it is the grave of Mumtaz Mahal. Displaying such showpieces in your house will lead to the creation of a permanently negative atmosphere. Graves evoke memories of passivity and death.

Avoid Certain Pictures, Statues and Paintings

Wall arts are a favorite with most people. Regardless, every picture or painting may not be considered as a healthy addition to the family. If you own even one picture of a sinking boat, throw it away. It is a representation of degradation or downfall. Your overall financial condition and interactions between family members will suffer drastically.

Similarly, do not display pictures or statues of wild animals or birds anywhere, especially in the bedrooms or living areas. Vastu shastra suggests that they bring out the fierce animal instincts hidden within people, leading to conflicts. Flowers, sceneries, landscapes, etc, are better choices of wall arts.

Paintings depicting war scenes from the Ramayana/Mahabharata will lead to wars between the members of the family. You would not like rivalry and tensions to take predominance, would you?

Do not be Enamored of Water Fountains

You may argue that they are merely for decorative purposes in the dining or living room. After all, not everyone can afford to display expensive home decor items! However, water possesses a flowing nature. This means that everything in the house will display an unstable nature. Wealth and prosperity, especially, will keep flowing in and flowing out of your life.

Do not believe that All Idols are Good

Lord Shiva or Lord Nataraja does look awesome in a dancing pose. Nevertheless, do remember that this pose relates to a dance of anger and destruction. The Lord is performing the Tandava Nritya. It is believed that displaying an idol of Lord Nataraja is akin to inviting negativity and destruction into the house. You will never have domestic peace.

In the same way, the house should not provide shelter for broken idols of Gods and Goddesses. Throw them away instantly, if you do not wish to invite bad luck into your house.

Throw away broken mirrors immediately. Do not even think of retaining larger pieces, believing that they suffice to see your reflection. Disaster might strike your family without warning.

To conclude, be careful about the interior decoration and placement of various things within your house. Ensure that you take the advice of a Vastu expert, for you would like to reside within a positive atmosphere always. Nothing should come in the way of your financial fulfillment, prosperity and peace of mind.

Source by Sarvesh Sarang

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