Crystal Healing For Hay Fever Issues

Springtime can mean hay fever for many people. This means the watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and so much more. How can you treat all of these symptoms in an easy to use format and still keep this as an alternative type of therapy so you don’t have to take conventional medicine every few hours or have the drowsy side effects? Crystals healing! But how can you tackle all of the different symptoms? Easy, we don’t! It is a matter of bypassing the “symptoms” and hitting the nail on the head by tackling the core issue, which is the hay fever reaction within the physical body.

There are different crystal healings for all of the above mentioned symptoms and then some, but if we want to really get to the core of healing the hay fever issues it is not about what symptom you are showing at any given time but working on the underlying cause which are the hay fever issues in general.

Now healing in general should be done this way, but many new healers, and even some of the advanced ones, start by working on the symptoms being shown. This can cure the symptoms, but then new ones start arising and the root cause is still there. Therefore, crystal healing is no different, as it is just about working with a vibrational level match for the ailment at hand.

For hay fever issues, you want to make sure that the person is wearing a programmed Citrine pendant as much as possible during this time. Cleanse and reprogram every 7 days for best results. A Citrine elixir can also be made by charging the purified water for 30 minutes and lightly misting the areas of the physical body, from head to toe, especially the head areas. Re-mist every 6 hours for best results when using this elixir.

Source by Nicole Lanning

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