Diabetes Mellitus and Bitter Melon

Karela, a prestigious ayurvedic contribution to world for fighting against the terror known as diabetes mellitus. Its wonderful properties make it a global remedy for curing and treating diabetes mellitus. Unique constituents of karela are very effective in eradicating the causes, causing diabetes and also help to maintain proper environment in body, needed to get away with the creation of circumstances which lead to unbalancing of insulin (a protein needed in glucose metabolism). But before knowing more about karela and its action on diabetes mellitus, we should first know how and what causes diabetes and how karela plays a very important role in removal of unwanted elements created in body leading to diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus has been a very stubboned disease affecting our life since a long time. Known as sugar in normal terms, is a disease present globally affecting every race and society of human existence. DM causes lots of trouble to humans as it has many complications, if it remains untreated. DM generally is a silent disease, come into notice only by chance, like during routine check ups or by blood tests done because other reasons. It may also come into picture when a patient presents with a complications like peripheral neuritis, retinopathy, nephropathy, recurrent carbuncles etc. The blood sugar should never increase 80 mg to 130 mg per 100cc in fasting condition and should never increase 180mg per 100cc after meals. More over the balance between carbohydrate, proteins and fats should be such that it should never contain acetone bodies in it. More on Benefits and Uses of Bitter Melon

A pancreatic disorder which causes unchecked increase in glucose level in blood stream leading to many complications thus rendering our bodies’ homeostasis disturbed. DM is considered as a vata disorder in ayurveda and is called madhumeh. Ayurveda mentions diabetes under prameh roga which are collection of urine related disorder. Theses are 20 in number. Madhumeh stands at 20th in the sequence. According to Charak Samhita (ancient ayurvedic medicinal text) it is also known as ojomeh, which means excretion of energy (glucose) in urine. Sage Charak (considered as one creator of herbal ayurvedic system of medicine) has mentioned many symptoms by which we can easily diagnose whether a person is suffering from diabetes or not.

Onset of diabetes is insidious but very rarely there may be acute occurrence.

Two types of diabetes mellitus are there

1. NIDDM (non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus)

2. IDDM (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus)


1. Polyuria

2. Polydipsia

3. Polyphagia

4. Rapid emaciation

5. Dryness of mouth and throat

6. Constipation

7. Intense itching

Now coming back to our discussion on karela and its role on diabetes mellitus and our body.

Karela is one of the few rare herbs which helps in regulating blood sugar levels in our body. It is a powerful hypoglycemic agent. Karela has laghu (light) and ruksh (dry) properties and is of ushan virya in potency. It possesses tickt and katu rasa. Karela chemically contains saponins know as charantin, momordicine and vicine, insulin like peptide and alkaloids. It has also been noted that a hidden compound present in karela, not chemically known till date, is effective in inhibiting guanylate cyclase, which is very beneficial in normalizing glucose metabolism. Several modes of actions have been suggested for anti diabetic action of karela which includes inhibition of glucose absorption from our gut, helps in stimulating insulin secretions from beta cells of islet of langerhans and also the stimulation of hepatic glycogen synthesis.

More on Benefits and Uses of Bitter Melon

Karela has also been seen very effective in suppressing oedema and pain because of its ushan virya potency. It is a good digestive agent and helps in secretion of digestive enzymes during digestion. Karela has a blood purifying actions which help it in contributing very important role in diseases that are cause due to impurity in our blood, like acne and eczema. Due to its properties and rasa present in it, it shows good results in abdominal disorders like spasms in abdomen, bilious infections and constipation. It helps in increasing peristaltic movement of Gastro intestinal tract. It is a strong antiemetic agent which is also helpful in controlling over secretion of acids in our stomach therefore very helpful in hyperacidic condition. Good results have been seen in improving liver conditions and also in liver diseases like jaundice, hepatomegaly etc. karela has also shown its in worth in skin diseases and leprosy and is of good use in healing wound in diabetic patients. As it helps in relieving constipation, it is quite effective in hemorrhoids. Due to presence of kashaya rasa, it helps in lowering blood pressure and relives from strain cased in arterial blood flow. Karela has been found useful in menstrual disorders and other female genital tract related problems. Karela has properties that promote healing of wounds, faster than normal. A highly recommended herb in obesity and related disorder helping out in decreasing the excess fats from the body.

Well now you can yourself judge that taking karela regularly will help you in not only decreasing and normalizing your sugar levels but also in stabilizing your bodies’ homeostasis.

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Source by Dr John Anne

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