Genital Warts Treatment and Its Significance

Genital warts have become an increasing concern across the globe. Around half a million new cases are getting registered every year for genital warts treatment. It may not be as popularly known sexual transmitted disease (STD) as AIDS but if this infection is not diagnosed and taken proper measures at the right time it may lead to cancer, especially in case of women infected by it. This infects not only the pelvic region, genital tract, things, anal area but also mouth, throat and tongue. Hence, getting apt warts treatment becomes even more critical.

These warts are commonly found in the age group of 16-33 years as it is diagnosed only among sexually active group of people. Few cases of children with being effected by this virus too, have been seen. It is observed that women are easily prone to infection than men. During a survey, it was made known that, 60-90 percent of people who carried visible warts were responsible for spreading the infection to their partners. Hence, doctors strictly recommend refraining from any sexual contact or activity with your partners during genital warts treatment to avoid further spreading of this incurable virus. Initial conditions show no particular symptoms like itching, burning sensation, tenderness. It takes around 6weeks – 6 months to notice visible infection on the body.

Visible warts are not only annoying but also takes long time to heal and chances of it occurring again are high. Hence, getting early genital wart treatment is always advantageous to avoid physical problems; especially if the person has knowingly has sexual contact with another infected person.

A person who has contracted warts not only suffers from physical strain and stress but has also been diagnosed with social and emotional problems during genital warts treatment. If pregnant women are diagnosed with these warts there are various chances of complication for her inviting hazardous effects for the unborn baby as well. In spite of vaccination being made available for warts, it still has only few success stories to fight against this deadly disease. Proper measures and societal initiative can help curtail increase in the numbers of people being diagnosed with these warts treatment globally.

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