Herpes Simplex Virus And How It Can Infect You

Do you think you have herpes? You can use a STD test kit to figure out your status at home. Herpes is a very common sexually transmitted disease affecting about one out of five teenagers and adults. This STD is triggered by a virus called HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). There are two main types: HSV type 1 and HSV type 2. The former eats into the lips, causing what is commonly called cold sores or fever blisters. The latter infects the reproductive organs. It is the main cause of genital herpes. It causes sores and will sometimes infect the mouth.

First Symptoms

Just like gonorrhea, herpes simplex virus is not easily detected. Once inside the body it will either stay completely silent or cause hardly recognizable symptoms. But when one has come into contact with the HSV for the first time they will develop symptoms in two to ten days. These signs can stay in the body for up to three weeks. Both men and women will have the following first signs:

– Flue-like symptoms, such as fever

– Stomach upset and discomfort

– Strange discharge from penis or vagina

– Pain below the belly button and above the genitals

– Pain in private areas, buttocks and legs

– An itchy feeling in the reproductive organs (rectum too).

When you notice the above first symptoms you should buy a STD test kit to use at home or visit a local clinic. The second phase has its signs as well:

– Blisters will form around the entry point or where the HSV has gone through your body. It could be your mouth, vagina or penis.

– Open sores may start to appear then heal and form a crust.

– Before a blister can appear, the victim may scratch their skin.

– The area between the belly button and reproductive organs may develop swollen glands.

– A burning feeling during urination.

How Herpes is spread

The most common way to catch HSV is via sexual intercourse with an infected lover. It will be rather easy to notice some genital lesions on your partner. But there are people who will have silent episodes, meaning that they will not have detectable sores. During oral intercourse the virus can be easily transmitted.

Finding out that you have Herpes Simplex Virus

You can, off course, see a local doctor to perform a HSV-1/2 Rapid Test. However, if you are feeling embarrassed, shy or fearful you may be best buying a STD test kit. There is a testing kit for major types of sexually transmitted diseases, including herpes, genital warts, syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and Chlamydia among others. HSV tests detect the virus in blood or serum containing IgG antibodies. The tests should be bought directly online as the process is cheaper and quicker. Once the product is delivered at your door step, use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you find that you are infected with Herpes Simplex Virus, go to the nearest hospital for prescribed medications. This STI is not curable once you catch it.

How herpes can be prevented

As mentioned above, this condition is caused by an act of sexual intercourse. If a person has genital lesions, they could very easily spread the virus to their lover. Therefore if you can already see strange lesions on your private parts you should seek medical help. By so doing you can avoid spreading the HSV to another innocent person. It is always important to get tested before you can get intimate with a new partner. Ensure that both of you are tested for all common STDs. Finally I would suggest using condoms when having vaginal or anal intercourse and dental dams when having oral intimacy.

Source by Santanu Basak

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