Overuse And Aging Can Cause A Pain In The Wrist, Hand And Finger – Home Treatment

Wrist, hand and finger problems arise due to some injury or non-injury that includes overuse or aging. The symptoms may be soreness, stiffness, numbness or a burning sensation. Perhaps a swelling might also be noticed. Below you will come to know about the pain that have originated from overuse and medical conditions.

Overuse/aging problems

1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome originates from a pressure caused to the median nerve in your wrist. The indications include numbness, tingling and pain in the hand and fingers.

2. Tendon pain is caused due to the injury in the tendons that are tough fibers connecting the muscles to the bones. Any action that needs frequent twisting or joint movements in doing certain jobs can also cause tendon injury. Aging can also cause a wear and tear, which makes the affected area tender.

3. Repetitive motion syndrome is caused by the monotonous use of the motion constantly, which creates a pressure on the tissues and they get inflamed. Consequently you will face numbness, weakness, tenderness and a pain, when you use it.

4. Writer’s cramps originate with the overuse of hand and finger, while typing or writing.

5. Trigger finger/trigger thumb is a tendon dilemma and its cover in a thumb or a finger swells.

6. Ganglion cysts are fluid filled sacs that emerge as bumps on hands and wrists as well as can be viewed on feet, ankle, knees and shoulder.

Problems due to medical conditions

1. Diabetes can change the hands normal feel or sensation of touch. This decrease in sensation is due to the damages to the nerves or decrease in blood circulation.

2. The tingling in the left hand may be the sign of heart attack.

3. Pregnancy may sometimes cause redness, swelling, itching or a numbness in the hands, which is a temporary phase and will disappear after the delivery.

4. Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear in the joint cushions and thus there is a stiffness and pain caused during movement.

5. Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflexibility and ache, when there is a movement. And after some years the fingers get deformed.

6. Gout is a provocative joint disease accompanied with an acute tenderness and swelling. This is originated, when the uric acid crystals accumulate around the joints.

7. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, where the immune system damages the body tissues, as if they are foreign substances.

8. Infection can also cause a tenderness and swelling with fever and pain on movement of the infected part.

Check the symptoms and try to give several home treatments like:

1. Resting and taking breaks during repetitive activities.

2. Treating the wounds on fingers and hand.

3. Remove jewelry as soon as there is a swelling seen.

4. Use cold packs for subsiding the pain and swelling.

5. Resting on your hands must be avoided, otherwise the flow of blood decreases and your fingers may suffer.

6. Exercises must be done to strengthen the hand muscles.

7. Grasp anything with the whole hand but avoid gripping with your thumb and index finger that might cause stress to the wrist.

8. Using vibrator tools you must use special vibration absorption padded gloves.

9. During a cold weather you must wear warm gloves.

10. Avoid drinking caffeine and tobacco products because caffeine and nicotine narrow the blood vessels and thus the flow of blood decreases.

11. Eat hot meals to keep the body warm.

12. Your work posture must also be properly adjusted, so you can alter your position occasionally.

Source by Mallika Rajeshbhai Desai

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