Rainforest Plants – Rhatany

Family: Krameriaceae

Genus: Krameria

Species: triandra

Common names: rhatany, ratanya

General Description: Rhatany is a small shrub that is typically found in the mountains of Peru. Rhatany root may also be found in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina.

As with many rainforest plants, Rhatany is also the name given to products made from the plant, in this case the krameria root. This herb is a botanical remedy from the dried root of three species of Krameria, para rhatany (Krameria lappacea or Krameria argentea) and Peruvian rhatany (Krameria triandra).

Uses: Rhatany helps to staunch blood flow; when it is pressed to a cut on the skin (or tooth extraction), the bleeding stops. Rhatany is also used as a mouthwash to soothe mild inflammation of the mouth, throat, and gums. Because of its ability to relieve topical inflammation, Rhatany is used as a treatment for lesions in the mouth such as canker sores. It is used for skin care, herbal toothpastes, and bleeding gums. It may also be used to treat varicose veins and other areas of capillary fragility that are easily bruised.

This rainforest herb is sold as a crushed powder and as a tincture (in alcohol solution). There are at least 17 species of Krameria known as Rhatany or ratany. Krameria is the only genus in the plant family Krameriaceae.

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Source by Tony Mandarich

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