Ring Worm Treatments

Ringworm is an infectious skin disease spread by fungi called Dermatophytes. It spreads itself by forming ring-like pattern on skin with a circular rash that is inflamed at the edges and clean at the center.

Though, ringworm is a curable disease it should never be taken lightly or ignored. If left untreated it will spread and can become chronic. As soon as you notice symptoms like itching, burning, dryness, or circular flaky rashes on the skin, consult your family doctor for immediate treatment.

The regular treatment for ringworm usually takes 2-4 weeks depending on its intensity. The most common treatment methods include applying topical anti fungal creams like miconazole or cloritmazole on affected areas. These creams and many anti-ringworm ointments are readily available.

Since creams may not be applied to affected area such as toenails or scalp, oral medication along with ointments developed especially for these body parts may be prescribed. Scalp ringworms are major cause of hair loss and require aggressive treatment.

If ringworm resists regular treatment, consult a skin specialist. She may advise you to take oral medication along with special ointments to control or stop the growth of fungi. Oral medications are usually accompanied by side effects too that include gastrointestinal upset, abnormal liver functioning, decreased clotting ability of blood. If you are taking any medication for ulcer or GERD treatment, you must inform your doctor in advance since they may interfere with this therapy.

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