Tell Tale Signs of Vaginal Thrush Yeast Infections – How to Treat a Painfully Sore Swollen Vagina

Have you got symptoms that you believe proves you have yeast infection like thrush? Is the proof you have gathered from reading articles like this giving information on vaginal infections? If it is then I would like to say, although what you read is as accurate and precise as it can be in relation to the symptoms of thrush (yeast infection,) nothing is ever really proof enough until you have had your condition determined by a GP. In the world of women with vaginal infections there is much confusion due to symptoms of one vaginal disorder being much alike to another, so it is important that your doctor clarifies symptom differences.

Vaginal thrush is a yeast infection that causes irritation of the vagina and vulva. It is caused by an overgrowth of the fungus or yeast Candida. Yeast usually live in the vagina in low numbers, but when the bacteria is upset it unbalances allowing more yeast to develop therefore opening the door to infection. Vaginal yeast infections are vastly notable. Survey showed that an amazing 75 percent of females at some time in their life have suffered a yeast infection.

Women tend to worry and get mixed up when they start to see or experience unusual vaginal behaviors. Who would not when you hear so many scary stories about vaginal diseases. But let us not panic at this stage because you will only upset yourself more. Unnecessary stress is not good for your well being, and it can also be a condition more serious than a yeast infection.

Below you will find the more regular symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection? To put your mind at ease, vaginal infections are treatable and curable. They are also nothing to be ashamed about or to be embarrassed over. Some vaginal rashes and infections present themselves through silly little things like wearing tight clothing around the genitals.

The most frequent symptom of a yeast infection is extreme vaginal itching. Other symptoms include:

Burning, stinging redness, and swelling of the vagina

Pain when weeing

Sexual Intercourse pain

A thick curdy white vaginal discharge with a yeasty odor

The importance of having your doctor examine you is because yeast infection symptoms are very much like those of sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea. The purpose of the examination is to eliminate these so appropriate medications can be prescribed. A test of the pelvic will be performed to look for swelling and discharge. Swab samples may be taken from the vagina for further testing. A yeast infection can have many reasons for happening and some of these reasons may have you bemused over how they could actually be the cause. But who are we to argue with modern science and professional medics.

There is a multitude of instances that can change the acidity of the vagina encouraging a vaginal yeast infection. Like:




poor diet

sugary foods



birth control pills


steroid medicines

diseases such as poorly-controlled diabetes

HIV infection

Antifungal medicines i.e. cream, tablets, and suppositories are recognized mostly for treating a yeast infection. Namely: butoconazole, clotrimazole, miconazole, nystatin, tioconazole and terconazole. A single dose of oral fluconazole is effective in ridding an infection but is obtained only via a prescription given by your GP.

Is it safe to use over-the-counter medicines for treating yeast infections, yes because if they were not we would see plenty of law suits being filed? Nevertheless it is best for your doctor to okay them first. Not because the actual treatment is not safe but in case you`re not safe, meaning is your body healthy and in a fit state for that particular medication.

Get GP advice and guidance before treating yourself for a vaginal yeast infection if:

You`re expecting a baby

You`ve never had a yeast infection

or you experience recurring yeast infections

If you are sexually active then remember that some specific creams and inserts may weaken condoms and diaphragms. About 5% of females develop four or more vaginal yeast infections in one year. This is called recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis. Treatment for this can go on for as long as up to six months.

To help prevent vaginal yeast infections:

Never douche.

Don`t use fragrance products.

Change tampons and sanitary towels regular.

Wear loose underwear or clothes made of synthetic fibers.

Wear cotton knickers and pantyhose with a cotton crotch.

Doctor`s to clarify a particular vaginal infection will looks towards the tell tale sign of changes in a woman`s vaginal discharge. It is from this that an exact prognosis can usually be made.

In this section let us try to prove that your beliefs are right and that you do have vaginal thrush

Vaginal thrush, also called yeast infection or candidiasis, is an overgrowth of yeast that leads to a series of nasty symptoms (itching and soreness.) If the natural yeast already in the body masses this causes thrush. This yeast is mostly known as Candida albicans and Candida glabrata is yeast known for causing thrush.

We all carry yeast in and on their bodies without any tribulations. Yeast is normally located in the intestines, vagina, mouth and skin, where ‘harmless’ bacteria help keep yeast levels low. You are likely to be suffering from thrush if you are experiencing itching, burning, soreness, swelling of the vagina and vulva and have a yeasty-smelling discharge. Burning and itching can be so severe it is difficult to resist scratching, but you have to be steadfast and avoid scratching as it can make matters worse. Thrush irritates the weak tissue of the vagina, making it sore, swollen and red. Because of this, the inflammation may have you feel pain when urinating if the urine stream touches the inflamed skin. More discomfort can rise from sitting and walking.

If you see a change in vaginal discharge whether or not it be what we say is a normal thrush type discharge (white thick and smells strongly of yeast) you must still check it out.

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