Use the Power of Visualisation to Regrow Your Hair!

So you looked in the mirror and were horrified to notice the beginnings of a receding hairline. Or worse still one of your mates referred to your thinning top at the back where you cannot see it! Or did you overhear someone talking about your bald head and how you resemble a monk!

Well do not get too worried it is a perfectly natural response as a warm blooded male to start to worry and think the worst. You see what we all do is immediately leap forward into the future and imagine what it will be like in 5 or 10 years. Images of an older relative spring to mind and we cannot help but to see ourselves as they are. With such an active mind we build the picture in our mind’s eye to the point where we see our skin ageing, with wrinkles and worry lines, and before we know it we are old and decrepit.

Well time to STOP and wait a moment why are we predicting such a future for ourselves? It is simple that is how the programs in our mind work. We have strong beliefs which are built up over a long period of time to the point where we believe them to be true. So let us examine where some beliefs about our receding hairline come from. It is in your genes as your father and grandfather both had thin hair or were bald, people note how you are just like your father (reinforcing the belief). Playing rugby in the scrum damaged the hair follicles on your head and stopped the hair growth (just like your dad). etc….

What a load of tosh! How many families do you know where sibling children do not have the same hairline? Yes of course they got it from their mother (the full head of hair of course).

For those of you that have seen The Secret or have studied Visualisation you will understand that you get what you focus upon. In other words you will bring into being those things that you really believe to be true.

So try this experiment and see how you get on. Sit upright on your chair and tilt your head slightly backwards whilst looking up to the right and imagine yourself with a full healthy head of hair. Make the picture so real in your mind’s eye that it is just like a real photograph of yourself that has been taken 2 years from now in the future. As you study the picture see how it feels to see yourself with a full head of hair, recognise what this feeling is like and amplify the feeling to make it fantastic to the point where you know it is real. (probably best to do this with closed eyes) When you see and feel fantastic about your image press your thumb and forefinger of your left hand together and anchor the feeling. Great you now have a positive image anchored in your mind. Now you just have to take action every day to move towards your goal. Take 5 minutes every night close your eyes and press your thumb and forefinger to recall the image and just enjoy how you look. Now find some techniques that will help stimulate your hair growth and make your hair come back. This could be massage, creams, protein drinks etc whatever you feel will best fit for you. Even write a list of your limiting beliefs down the left side of a paper and on the right side a reason why that belief is rubbish. BUT you must take action every day for at least a month.

So Visualise believe and take action and you will be surprised just how effective this can be.

Good luck

Chris G

Source by Chris G Wilson

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